Multi Gas Detector

Multi Gas Detectors and monitors are used for the detection of flammable gases, oxygen depletion and an extensive range of toxic gases meeting the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industries. Designed for situations where a variety of gases need monitoring at the same time the detectors are avaiable preset to meet your individual requirements. Available as either fixed or fully portable gas detectors they are commonly used for the following gases, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen and combustibles (%LEL). All gas detectors require regular callibration to ensure accuracy of the gas readings. Gas Monitor Point offer a full callibration service please do contact us for full details and pricing of this service!

Multi Gas Detectors & Monitors

multi gas detector

Gas-Pro TK Portable Multi Gas Detector

Gas-Pro TK integrates innovative safety features with a rugged design to provide advanced protection for those working in harsh environments. This portable multigas detector, which is exceptionally easy to use and service, protects against the four most prevalent gas hazards: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), flammable gases and oxygen (O2) depletion or enrichment. Tank-Pro is a tool for monitoring the inerting or filling of tanks/ pipes as well as being a personal multigas monitor for users.

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T4 Portable Multi Gas Detector

Portable multi gas detector provides effective protection against 4 common gas hazards: carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, flammable gases and oxygen depletion. Now with improved detection of pentane, hexane and other long chain hydrocarbons.

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Gas-Pro Detector for Confined Spaces

Crowcon Gas-Pro is a confined space entry monitoring solution for workers and fleet managers, and is now supported by the Crowcon I-Test bump test and calibration station.

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Gas-Pro Infrared for Explosive Gas

The Gas-Pro IR is ideal for the oil and gas industry. This personal multi gas monitor can detect methane, pentane or propane using infrared (IR) sensor technology. The Gas-Pro IR is ideal for detecting potentially explosive gases where traditional, ”pellistor”, catalytic sensors will struggle - especially in a low oxygen environment.

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Tetra 3 Multi Gas Detector

The Tetra:3 multi gas monitor is a compact, robust and easy-to-use diffusion based detector. Single button operation, small size and clear top-mounted display make it a favourite in the market amongst those working in demanding industrial environments, such as those in the water, telecoms, food, brewing or hydrocarbons sectors.

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