Fixed Type Gas Detectors

Fixed Gas Detectors or Fixed Gas Detection systems are exactly that, they are gas detectors, sensors, monitors that are permanently installed at a location that has the potential to become a hazardous environment. With our intuitive filter options, you’ll easily find just the Fixed Gas Detectors & Sensors you need for Fixed Gas Detection.

Fixed gas detectors are generally installed in large facilities and are used to both detect major leaks and as an early warning of gas leaking from a particular system. Fixed gas detection systems are configured using relays and customizable alarm point settings. These settings ensure that fixed gas detectors respond quickly to atmospheric hazards. Relays provide a number of functions that can be crucial to saving lives, including opening/closing ventilation and exhaust fans, triggering auditory and visual alarms, and closing electronic valves.

Fixed Gas Detectors: Fixed Gas detection Systems by Respo Products

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Fixed Gas Detectors, Fixed Gas Detector, Fixed Gas Detection

SIL2 Gas Detectors

The new XgardIQ, our most intelligent fixed-point gas detector, increases safety by minimising the time operators must spend hazardous areas.

This versatile transmitter and gas detector has a range of features that protect engineers and support facilities managers of oil, gas, chemical & petrochemical plants to name a few.

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With our intuitive filter options, you’ll easily find just the Fixed Gas Detectors & Sensors you need for Fixed Gas Detection

Hazardous Area Gas Detectors

IGD’s 750 series ATEX gas detectors are the next step in fixed gas detection technology.

IGD’s Sentinel+™ 2-Wire protocol uses a 2 core cable for both power and data communications. Not only fewer terminations, Sentinel+™ 2-Wire protocol has no polarity requirement for its connections. Cable terminations are reduced, No polarity requirements means fewer errors and faster installs.

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Fixed Gas Detector

Safe Area Gas Detectors

International Gas Detectors are well known throughout the Oil, Gas and Process industries for their hazardous gas detection safety systems. When our customer base contacted us for a similar quality flammable gas detector for domestic applications, IGD’s technical team rose to the challenge. Flammable gas detectors for the domestic market are typically low cost and built to a tight budget.

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Fixed Gas Detection

Control Panels

GALILEO 8/32 are advanced multifunction gas detection control panels designed to control and monitor up to 8 analog 4-20 mA gas detectors (GALILEO 8) or up to 32 addressable gas detectors (GALILEO 32).

Always keeping the main focus on security, the GALILEO 8/32 control panels have been developed according to the European standards on functional safety EN 50402, known as SIL (Safety Integrity Level).

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The Benefits of Fixed Gas Detectors and Monitors:

  • Fixed gas detectors provide you with automatic responses.
  • They can set to shut down a system once a leak reaches a specified alarm level.
  • They monitor flammable and toxic gas levels to keep your personnel safe.
  • Fixed gas detectors can be used in tandem with area detectors to sense dangerous leaks alert the plant manager.