Control Panels


Gasmonitor Plus

Gasmonitor Plus is Crowcon’s flexible 19″ rack-based control system. This microprocessor-controlled unit is used throughout the world, both onshore and offshore. Gasmonitor Plus can monitor up to 16 gas detectors or 32 fire zones per rack. Racks can be supplied separately, or built into wall mounting or floor standing enclosures.

A separate gas level display is provided for each gas detector. Gasmonitor Plus can be engineered into very large systems and tailored to suit individual site requirements.

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Wall or Rack Mount

4 Wire Addressable

Tocsin 625 Micro

TOC-625 Micro is a multi-channel gas detection system. The system can be configured with up to six gas detectors and two relay output modules. Any mix of the following gas detectors is possible.

Flammable Gases, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Chlorine or Hydrogen Sulphide. (please note for larger systems, IGD can provide a state of the art, industry first, intelligent gas detection system – 2-Wire Addressable Gas Detection , with up to 350 devices both detectors and third party devices)

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Tocsin 640

TOCSIN 640 Addressable Detector Control Panel is a multi-channel detector controller. Easy to install set up and operate with powerful interface features. The system can be used with any of the Tocsin Addressable range detectors or I/O modules providing maximum flexibility. Wall and panel mount options are available. The rear enclosure can be rotated to accommodate top or bottom conduit entries. Alternately rear entries are available where cabling is buried into walls etc.

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4-20mA + Addressable

Tocsin i700

The TOCSIN i700 Addressable and Analogue Detector Control Panel from IGD is the latest version of IGD’s popular 700 series gas detection system. The TOCSIN i700 system controller now features a new moulded case. This not only provides an attractive control panel but also provides more flexible mounting options.

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2 Wire Addressable

Tocsin 650 & 750

IGD’s 2-wire gas detection system is cheaper and faster to install. IGD’s 2-wire systems utilise 2 core cables for both power and communication. This minimises the number of cable cores and ultimately cutting down on the cost of install. Cable cores on IGD 2-wire systems have no polarity. This both minimises the possibility of mis-connection and speeds up the install time.

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