International Gas Detectors are well known throughout the Oil, Gas and Process industries for their hazardous gas detection safety systems. When our customer base contacted us for a similar quality flammable gas detector for domestic applications, IGD’s technical team rose to the challenge. Flammable gas detectors for the domestic market are typically low cost and built to a tight budget. IGD approached the product using a different perspective, how can we employ the latest technology to get the very best performance and still off excellent value for money. TOC-10 boasts impressive features for this class of product, all driven by client request:

  • Same quality detection as our industrial detector range, TOC-10 uses IGD pellister technology rather than cheap poorly performing semi-conductors
  • Splash proof, TOC-10 has a unique labyrinth arrangement to protect from dust, dirt and liquids
  • Sealed housing, TOC-10 separates the sensor housing from its electronics stopping flammable gas ingress, its also IP rated
  • Control Relays, TOC-10 has relay outputs capable of controlling gas solenoids or other control devices
  • Alarm Levels, TOC-10 has two alarm levels as standard with different audible visual indications
  • Link Function, TOC-10 detectors can be linked together so if one alarms then all connected units alarm. This allows for system use in commercial kitchens, schools etc
  • Programme capability, Using IGD’s software tools the TOC-10 can be programmed to change alarm levels, alter calibrations etc
  • Traceable Calibration, TOC-10 can be field calibrated using its own interface or using our PC software. This allows for traceable service where this is a client requirement
  • Custom Calibrations, TOC-10 can be calibrated for flammable gases other then LPG or Methane (Natural Gas), contact support with your requirements
  • Flexible Mounting Options, TOC-10 can be easily surface mounted without opening the enclosure, alternately as its a standard 2-gang format TOC-10 can be flush mounted or fitted to dado rails.
  • Pre-Wired Options, TOC-10 can be supplied pre-wired ready to plug in and go. Either British Standard or Schuko mains leads can be pre-fitted
  • Pre-Calibrated, TOC-10 comes pre-calibrated from our factory. Our specialised detector designs result in long stable calibration
  • Built to a standard, TOC-10 meets or exceeds BS EN50194-1 2009 as well as the industrial standards for EMC requirements

We don’t view the requirement for flammable gas detection to be any different from an oil drilling platform to a domestic environment, detectors in both do the same job. TOC-10 Domestic Gas Detector meets the same performance requirements.

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